Police Now National Detective Programme

England and Wales

This vacancy is now closed


Why join the Police Now National Detective Programme?

The challenge is unique. The environment is fast paced. The mission is vital. Detectives play a pivotal role in police forces by investigating, problem solving and collaborating to reduce crime and make communities safer and better places to live.

From the beginning of your journey with us, you will receive high-intensity tutoring and mentoring from detectives in-force to help you achieve operational competence. In addition to this you will also benefit from support from a Leadership Development Officer who will help you to maximise your impact and develop your leadership skills.

You’ll develop your negotiation, problem-solving, decision-making, emotional intelligence, resilience and leadership skills. All invaluable in targeting criminals and increasing public confidence.

Join our National Detective Programme and you can make a difference to society, today.


Why Police Now?

Police Now recruits and trains outstanding graduates, so they can help transform society as police detectives.

You don’t need to have any previous knowledge or experience in policing. We are looking for graduates that meet our competences in order to become leaders in society and in policing, representing the diversity of the communities you serve.

To enhance your training, you will be allocated a Leadership Development Officer to help support you throughout the two years. You will also have regular opportunities to present the impact you have made in your community to policing colleagues and corporate partners.


Are you well suited for the programme?

Do you…

  • Thrive under pressure taking a positive attitude when overcoming challenges?
  • React instinctively when presented with new information or changes that impact your work?
  • Develop and nurture meaningful relationships with a variety of people, taking the time to see things from another perspective?
  • Feel confident adapting your communication style to suit your audience?
  • Take a methodological approach to solving multiple complex problems, considering all eventualities and risks?
  • Ensure that you have gathered sufficient information needed to make an informed opinion?
  • Want to see a diverse police force, representative of all ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds?

If this sounds like you then you are the talented and driven graduate, we are looking for and we believe you have the potential to become successful police detective.


What are we looking for?

Throughout the recruitment and selection process we will look for evidence of the following competencies and values:

  • We take ownership: You will be a credible authority, instilling confidence and trust in others through the quality of your knowledge, skills, presence and professionalism.
  • We are emotionally aware: You will be an empathic connector. You will be able to develop meaningful relationships with an extensive variety of people, allowing you to communicate and persuade effectively.
  • We are collaborative: You will be a clear communicator, with an exemplary clear and effective style of communication.
  • We deliver, support and inspire: You will be organised, manage your time highly effectively and deliver in all situations. You will be making a sustainable impact, leaving things better than you found them.
  • We analyse critically: You will have an investigative mindset. You will notice what others don’t. You will have a methodical approach to solving multiple complex problems, considering all eventualities and risks.
  • We are innovative and open-minded: You must be open to learning and feedback, always striving to improve and develop. You need to be thorough and accurate in your investigations, be able to spot errors or pick up on small details that might be useful.
  • Transparency: You will be transparent in your actions, decisions and communications with both the people you work with and those you serve.
  • Impartiality: You will show impartiality throughout all your deadlines with colleagues, partners and members of the public.
  • Integrity: You will understand and reinforce expectation of professional behaviour and openly recognise good and bad performance.
  • Public service: You will have a responsibility to ensure that you act in the best interests of society.


Which forces could you join?

We have partnered with the following forces for this intake:

  • Avon & Somerset Police - not currently accepting applications.
  • City of London Police - not currently accepting applications.
  • Devon & Cornwall Police - limited places remaining.
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary - not currently accepting applications.
  • Gwent Police - open for applications.
  • Hampshire Constabulary - not currently accepting applications.
  • Humberside Police - not currently accepting applications.
  • Northumbria Police - limited places remaining.
  • South Wales Police - not currently accepting applications.
  • South Yorkshire Police - not currently accepting applications.
  • Surrey Police - open for applications.
  • Sussex Police - open for applications.
  • Thames Valley Police - not currently accepting applications.
  • West Midlands Police - not currently accepting applications.


We are delighted that you are applying for a place on the programme and are engaged with our mission to transform communities by recruiting, developing and inspiring leaders in policing.

Good luck with your application.