Detective Curriculum Manager

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Closing date
c. £40,000 per annum dependent upon experience

Job Title: Detective Curriculum Manager                  

Location: London

Reporting to: Head of Curriculum

Contract Type: Permanent            


About Police Now 

Our mission is to transform communities, reduce crime and increase the public’s confidence in policing, by recruiting and developing outstanding and diverse individuals to be leaders in society and on the policing frontline. We are working towards a day when every community, whatever the socio-economic background of its residents, can thrive without residents being fearful of crime and feel confident in the police service.

Launched in 2014, Police Now trains graduates with leadership potential to be inspirational police officers and outstanding crime fighters. Police Now is a start-up enterprise, and as such we are looking for individuals to join the team who have an entrepreneurial, flexible style and will contribute effectively to the creation and leadership of this new organisation.

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Our values

Everything we do reflects our values.

  • Believe
  • Achieve
  • Develop

More information about what these values mean to us at Police Now can be found here.


What you’ll do

The Police Now Detective Academy is the very heart and soul of a two-year detective leadership programme. It will be where new participants learn the skills they need to be effective detectives. Our Curriculum Manager is pivotal to delivering a successful Academy and the mission of Police Now. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the Police Now programme and to influence the future of our organisation and the way that detectives are trained and developed.

The Police Now Detective Academy delivers an initial detective constable training curriculum; the academic requirements set by Police Now’s University Partner and College of Policing; and practical Field Training. Each Participant is assessed continuously during the Academy, including formal assessment (such as pass/fail exams, assessed practical exercises and field training competency checklists) and informal assessments (contribution, participation, behaviour and attitude). Participants are also required to complete an extensive bespoke pre-learn package on core legislation, such that they are in a strong position to pass an examination on the first day of the Detective Academy and the National Investigator’s Examination during the academy.

The Police Now Detective Academy is a 12-week high-intensity training course, compressing traditional police training into a fast-paced and modern learning experience. It has three objectives:

  1. To provide the foundations for brilliant modern investigative work;
  2. To lay the foundations for a dynamic, successful detective career; and
  3. To equip individuals to land in force contributing as a team member from day one.

The Police Now Academy is based on four stages of learning:

  1. Theoretical training and testing;
  2. Safe practice, observing and participating in role play;
  3. Participating in an operational policing activity in Police Now Field Training guided by a Syndicate Lead (a detective seconded to Police Now to help deliver the curriculum);
  4. Leading an operational policing activity in Police Now Field Training guided by a Syndicate Lead.

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the Police Now detective programme and to influence and change the way that detectives are trained and developed across the UK.

Your role will be to:

  • Work with the Head of Detective Academy Pilot (dotted reporting line) to:
    • Design the new curriculum content
    • Design the extensive bespoke pre-learn package
    • Deliver the pilot Detective Academy
    • Identify and mitigate potential risks in both design and delivery
    • Build and manage relationships with a variety of operational detective officers who teach during the academies
    • Help manage relationships with Syndicate Leads.


  • Work with the Head of Curriculum (primary line manager) and Curriculum team to:
    • Ensure effective transmission of learning
    • Design appropriate assessments
    • Design ‘train the trainer’ Syndicate Lead course before the Academy
    • Ensure the programme complies with all Higher Education Institution requirements
    • Ensure that Police Now are implementing the curriculum to a high standard, with the right teaching methods and the right people to deliver specific content.
    • Carry out and record effective evaluation of the curriculum delivery across the academy and be able and willing to make short-term and long-term improvements.


  • Act as a positive, supportive role model for more junior members of staff, Visiting Fellows and Syndicate Leads, embodying the Police Now values.
  • Help to create a positive working environment for you, your team and participants during the Academy and face all challenges with a positive attitude.

Who we’re looking for

In this position of significant responsibility and autonomy we need someone with a real commitment to Police Now’s mission and values and to delivering one of the most innovative police training courses in the world. You will have a strong sense of integrity and personal responsibility, and be an inspirational and transformational leader, who is energetic and enthusiastic even when at a low ebb. You will be able to make fast-paced decisions whilst under high pressure in an ambiguous and changing world where choices aren't black and white, and the answers aren't always obvious - all without compromising our high standards.

You will have the creative talent to be able to build a new curriculum, bringing in innovative teaching methods and practical-based learning. You will work closely with the Head of Detective Academy Pilot and to create the right learning environment during an intensive training period, through a varied and exciting curriculum designed to equip our participants with everything they need to know to start their new roles.

You will be a good team player and someone that others enjoy being around. You’ll effortlessly build relationships with a wide variety of individuals, including delivery partners, our Syndicate Leads and the broader Police Now Academies team.

You will be responsible for the build and delivery of the new detective curriculum and you will be confident in taking smart risks to create the training course that will support our participants in becoming exceptional officers. You will be willing to go the extra mile during September to December when the Detective Academy is in full swing and to muck in with the whole team when there are boxes to be moved.

What you need

  • High levels of resilience
  • Experience operating in volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • A positive attitude in the face of adversity
  • A University degree
  • A background in training or teaching
  • Solid background knowledge in curriculum design and theory
  • Significant recent experience of managing projects with challenging timescales
  • Excellent IT, written and interpersonal skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Willingness to travel within England and Wales and to work occasional evenings as required
  • Willingness to forego holidays from September to mid-December in favour of annual leave at other times of the year.

What you’ll get from us

  • The opportunity to work at a true start-up and to help shape the Police Now programme
  • A role in a society-defining organisation, making a difference and changing the way that the most challenged communities in the country interact with the police
  • A great team passionately working to build the next generation of leaders inside and outside policing
  • A modern and buzzing office in Moorgate, Central London
  • Coaching practice and skills development
  • Membership of tight-knit Detective and Academy teams with exceptional colleagues
  • A competitive salary of £40,000 and Police Now’s core benefits package includes 27 days holiday each year and participation in a pension scheme (with 5% employer contributions)

Please note

This job description is issued as a guideline. It is not exhaustive, and we would be pleased to discuss any constructive comments you may have. Due to the evolving nature and changing demands of our business this job description may be subject to change. You may, on occasions, be required to undertake additional or other duties within the context of this job description and according to the needs of the organisation.

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